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Never Lose A Sense of Wonder!

With so much happening in the world, it’s easy to lose sight of the natural beauty all around us. It can also be challenging to slow down and allow that beauty into our lives. But there are so many benefits to being in nature or even viewing images of awe-inspiring places. Nature can improve our overall well being and is a pathway to a richer life of health and happiness.

An integral part of my creative process is to spend time in these captivating places, allowing my personal experience to be the catalyst of a new painting. I strive to keep that sense of wonder and celebrate the essence of what initially attracted me to a specific scene. By revealing this to the viewer, my hope is that it creates a unique awareness that is calming and joyful.

Take time to explore, appreciate and keep a sense of wonder in your everyday!

- Christina




Construction of New Home & Studio

Some exciting news for this year will be the construction of our new home and studio space on our property in Evergreen, Colorado. Part of this construction will include my husband and I doing much of the work ourselves.


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2022—Pride as a Ukrainian American
There are events happening in the world today which some people may not be able to relate to. But for others they are very personal and the war on Ukraine is such an event for my family and me.
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Upcoming Exhibitions


Events for 2024 - COMING SOON!
For this busy upcoming year, I will be selecting specific art events to participate in. (See the full story on the News Page about our new home & studio build.

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